Best Dachshund Tattoos ideas To Get Ink For Dachshund lovers

Best Dachshund Tattoos ideas To Get Ink For Dachshund lovers
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Have you ever wondered why do a lot of Dachshund owners want to have a Dachshund tattoo? What’s the appeal of Dachshund tattoo? If so, I bet that you thought about having your own Dachshund tattoo at least once. Then, this article includes a lot of Dachshund tattoo ideas for you to find the best design and image for you. Here are some types of tattoo you should consider as yours.

The Small Dachshund Tattoos

If you are the kind of person loving little cute things, the small dachshund tattoo may be the perfect one. This little cute Dachshund tattoo can be placed at the nape, wrist or ankle.
If you choose a tattoo at the nape which a skinny part of the body, you’ll look very sexy with it. It’s very interesting for women to have a tattoo there. If you want to show the tattoo, you only need to put the hair up. If not, just wear it down.

Small Dachshund tattoo at the nape. Source: Pinterest
Doxie tattoo with the circle pattern at foot. Source: Pinterest

The Dachshund tattoo at wrist, feet or ankle will make you look more active and energetic. It’s very easy to see it every day which reminds you of your beloved Doxie.

Cute little Doxie tattoo at the ankle. Source: Pinterest
The balck and white Dachshund tatoo. Source: Pinterest

You can choose the tattoo with both image and letters to emphasize your message. The handwriting letters are a perfect choice if you love something that is soft and flexible. In contrast, the tough and bold letters are suitable for you if you like the strong and outstanding characteristic.

Cute Dachshund tatoo with message. Source: Pinterest

The Minimalist Dachshund Tattoos

Minimalist Dachshund tatoo. Source: Pinterest
Minimalist Dachshund tatoo at the wrist. Source: Pinterest
Simple and cute Dachshund tatoo with heart. Source: Pinterest

Simple is the best so minimalist Dachshund tattoo is also the hot trend for you to consider having one. These minimalist tattoos are usually small and creative one which use some lines but still help people recognize the full image.

Sometimes, you don’t need to show a lot, just keep it simple and the simple feature is what makes it more special.

The Watercolor Dachshund Tattoos

If you like the lively tattoo, the watercolor tattoo will be a perfect choice. Put some colors on it and the tattoo looks more beautiful and attractive.

Beautiful watercolor Dachshund tattoo. Source: Pinterest
Lively watercolor Dachshund tatoo. Source: Pinterest

Moreover, the watercolor Dachshund tattoos also make the bond between you and your Doxie looks more romantic. It’s like an artwork in the real life that you will always appreciate it.

Creative Origami Dachshund tatoo. Source: Pinterest
Creative cute and funny Dachshund tatoo with watercolor. Source: Pinterest

The Big Size Dachshund Tattoos

The big tattoo is very suitable to have on the big part of the body such as the chest, the back, the thigh or the upper arm. Most of the big Dachshund tattoo ideas are the Doxie portrait with the pattern. You can have it in black and white or colorful based on your favorite.

Gorgeous and knowledgeable Dachshund tatoo. Source: Pinterest
Wild and lovely Dachshund tattoo. Source: Pinterest
Dachshund tatoo with colorful frame. Source: Pinterest
Portrait Dachshund tatoo. Source: Pinterest

You can have the tattoo from your real picture which makes your tattoo is absolutely unique and meaningful.

Dachshund tatoo made the same with the real Doxie. Source: Pinterest
Real Doxie and its portrait tattoo. Source: Pinterest

Dachshund tattoo meaning

Each Dachshund tattoo has its own meaning to show the special feeling of the owners for their Doxie. Every tattoo is unique as same as your love to the Dachshund. Actually, the Dachshund tattoo is just the picture remarked on your skin but it shows the desire to keep your beloved Doxie forever together with you. Therefore, the Dachshund design tattoos only show your style but the true meaning of every Dachshund tattoo is the inside love and the cheerful moments you shared with your furry long back friends.

The Dachshund tatoo with the name of your Doxie is very touching. It shows that how unique and important the Doxie is in your heart.

Dachshund tatoo with the name of Doxie. Source: Pinterest

It’s nice to have a Dachshund tattoo that nobody can take away from you. It’s a small way of showing the world the big love to your furry friends and convey the message that nothing can change your love for your beloved Dachshund.

People say that it’s very brave to get permanent ink into the body about something but if your love is big enough you can do that without any concerns. No matter you choose the simple Dachshund tattoo or the creative one, the love and time you spend for your beloved friend still remain forever on your body and your heart as well.

Running happily Dachshund tattoo. Source: Pinterest
Portrait Dachshund tattoo with bow. Source: Pinterest

So, are you ready to make a special event for your Dachshund and yourself? It’s time to show love, it’s time to get ink.


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