Top 5 Dogs For Apartments Or Condos Lifestyle

Top 5 Dogs For Apartments Or Condos Lifestyle
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In this modern life, there are a lot of people are living in the apartments with the limited spaces and without the yards. If you are living in an apartment, you may think that you have to give up on having a four-legged friend. In fact, if you choose the dog breeds suited to apartment living, it’s definitely possible for you to have a dog. This post will introduce you top 5 dogs for apartments or condos and give you some tips for choosing the best dog breed to live in the small place.

Tips For Dog Owners In Apartments Or Condos

It’s possible for you to train a dog to become familiar with living in an apartment. However, it is the best way to choose the one that has the natural temperament suitable for the environment and lifestyle of an apartment or condo. There are 3 critical factors that you have to consider when picking out a furry friend for you.

It’s no doubt that the dog size is the first thing you have to think about when finding your pet. A medium-sized or small one is perfect in this case. It doesn’t mean that the big dog can’t live in an apartment, however, it is awkward to keep a big dog in a small place. Because you have to prepare the fit crate and dog bed, you may not have enough room for the very big one. One more reason is that your dog also needs space to walk around the home or play indoor, so a medium-sized and small dog is the perfect one you should have for the apartment lifestyle.

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A small dog is more suitbale for an appartment or condo life. Source: wall.alphacoders

The next factor you have to think about is the energy level. It’s hard to have a high energy dog in the apartment if you can’t give them enough space for activities or time for doing exercises. If so, your dog can’t live healthily and may have the behavior problems. Although all dogs need exercises, it’s better to choose the dog breed that needs fewer activities than the active one.

The last one you should consider is to vocalization. A dog that barks, howls, or whines too much and too loudly may give you the big trouble with the neighbors or the building management. These 3 factors are the apartment dog guide for you to consider when picking a dog to live with.

Dogs For Apartments Or Condos

Although there are a plenty of dog breeds can be happy with the apartment life, these dog breeds are the most popular for being a canine companion in an apartment.

1. Chihuahua

Dogs for Apartments or Condos
The group of super cute Chihuahua are standing together on the piano. Source: wall.alphacoders

It’s no need to say much about this world’s most popular small dog. With its little size, Chihuahua is perfect for living in even a small apartment. Besides, it only requires the daily walk and some indoor games to keep it happy and healthy. You can see this dog breed in many apartment areas.

2. Maltese

Dogs for Apartments or Condos
A litlle and adorable Maltese is over the flowers. Source: wall.alphacoders

Although Maltese is a playful breed, it’s very gentle and enjoys being around people. It is a true lap dog which desires the sweet affection and makes your heart melt all the time. Besides, Maltese has a medium energy level requiring only basic daily exercises. About the vocalization, you can trust on this dog breed because it doesn’t tend to make the loud sounds. Therefore, Maltese is an adorable dog breed that people love to have in their apartment.

3. Poodle

Dogs for Apartments or Condos
Poodle is always a lovely pet in an appartment. Source: wall.alphacoders

It will be a big mistake if the list of dogs for apartments or condos doesn’t mention about Poodle. All sizes of this breed including standard, miniature and toy can do so well in an apartment. Besides the adorable appearance, the Poodle is also intelligent, loyal and disciplined. Therefore, it’s not a big deal to train them to follow your apartment lifestyle. You only need to provide them with a few extra exercises to keep them fit and happy.

4. Shih Tzu

Dogs for Apartments or Condos
Shih Tzu is a so cute pet for appartment. Source: wall.alphacoders

The Shih Tzu is an affectionate and playful small dog that has the proper temperament to live in an apartment. This dog breed needs no more than basic daily exercise because of its medium energy level. It’s a great lap dog which can share the bond with its owner and be the best companion that makes the apartment life become more joyful.

5. Chinese Crested

Dogs for Apartments or Condos
Chinese Crested has a unique appearance because of its coat. Source: wall.alphacoders

Chinese Crested has all the suitable factors to become a good friend in an apartment. It has a small size, medium energy level, and a quiet and calm nature. This dog breed loves to share the affection and spend time with all the family members. Its unique appearance is one of the things that make it different from the others. Chinese Crested is a true star of dogs in the apartment area.

In fact, there is a long list of the suitable dogs which can easily adapt to the small living environment like apartment or condo. However, this list includes the top 5 dogs for apartments or condos which are the best choice for the dog owners. If you are interested in these dog breeds, you should learn to know more about the pet care in condos and apartments. Then, it’s time for you to have a furry friend to share the happy moments in life and make the apartment life more delightful.


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