How To Introduce Dogs And Cats With Step By Step

How To Introduce Dogs And Cats With Step By Step
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Dogs and cats are predatory creatures although they are common breeds to be the best friends of human. There is nothing to be worried if you only have a dog or a cat at home. However, what will happen if you want to own both? The best solution is to figure out the effective way to make your dog and cat get used to each other and become friends. Therefore, you need to learn how to introduce dogs and cats and do it well in the very first time. It may take much time to bring dogs and cats closer but you’ll see how worth it is after getting the sweet result.

People usually say “haste makes waste”, so patience is the key to the successful process. You need to do every single step slowly and shouldn’t skip or force it to be done faster.

Keep Animals In Separate For The First Meet

It’s very important to not allow any fights or startle actions to occur for the first time you take the new pet home. If the new one is a cat, you should lock the dog either in the crate or by the leash. In the opposite, you should let your cat in the room, not roam around the house. Although this is a simple thing to do, you won’t imagine how bad it will be if your dog and cat hate each other for the first time which may let the next steps go wrong.

How to Introduce Dogs and Cats
Try to avoid any unexpected fights between dogs and cats for the first time they met. Source: tienganhesl

Let the animals smell indirectly each other

The best way to introduce a dog to a cat is to let them know the scent of the other first. You should pet one animal and let another sniff the scent on you. Keep doing that until the dog and cat stops acting too interesting in the new smell.
Next, you let the animals smell each other underneath the door from opposite sides. This way will help them accustomed to the other scent without any unexpected fight. If the dog gets angry or digs violently at the door, stop there and try again when he is calm down. You shouldn’t move to the next step until both dog and cat can smell each other under the door without being agitated.

Let the cat control how much it interacts with the dog

Because of the size difference and the instinct, cats are usually on the weaker side when meeting dogs. Therefore, you shouldn’t force your cat to interact with a dog, give the cat time to feel comfortable enough to approach the dog on its own way no matter how long it takes. Before letting the face-to-face interaction, you have to trim the cat’s front claws to make sure there is no injury may cause for your dog by accident.

Tips for the first few encounters between dogs and cats

How to Introduce Dogs and Cats
Use a baby gate to seperate the cat and the dog. Source: thesprucepets

– Use a baby gate to give the cat an escape choice. It’s the best way to create a safe zone for the cat when you are not sure about their relationship. In the worst case, the cat can jump over the gate and find the safe place where is out of the dog’s reach.
– Keep the initial interactions short. For the first encounter, you shouldn’t let it long to avoid overloading your pets. The ideal time is several minutes which give enough time for them to see and sniff each other, then separate them for relaxing.
– In case your dog loses the control, you should stop him by a soothing voice or spray the dog with the water. By this way, the dog will learn what the proper behavior is. Don’t forget to give him the treat or show affection if he does it well.

Remember that a fair treat is how to get a dog and cat to get along. Don’t let the jealousy spoil the bond of the animals. In case of introducing your new dog to your resident cat, it’s perfect to ask for the help and support of your neighbor and keep following the same steps in this post.

How to Introduce Dogs and Cats
Cats and dogs can be friends and get along well with each other. Source: i.ytimg

This is all about how to introduce dogs and cats. If you follow it right and keep repeating it over and over again, your dog and cat will be comfortable with the existence of each other soon. If you are stuck at one step, go back to the previous one and practice until both animals can do it well then move on. It’s a long process which requires a lot of patience, love, and care to get a dog and cat to get along well and be friends.


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