How To Keep Dogs In The Same House From Fighting

How To Keep Dogs In The Same House From Fighting
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Dog fighting is one of the inevitable problems you have to deal with if you have multiple dogs at home. Being a dog owner, you must be worried a lot about this terrible issue. Once a dog fighting happens, it breaks the peaceful living conditions and fires the relationship between animals. In the worse case, your dogs have to suffer from the bleeding injury that affects badly the dog’s health. To save you from this terrible situation, this post will show you how to keep dogs in the same house from fighting in detailed information including what to respond if this canine battle happens and what to do after it finishes. Besides, you will broaden your horizon about the reasons that lead to dog fighting and the best solutions for each reason.

Reasons That Makes Dogs Fighting And Solutions

First of all, you need to understand the reason why the dogs fighting. If so, you can know how to avoid it effectively. Here are some typical reasons that lead to the dog fightings.

Dogs fight because of the possessive behavior

It’s easy to see that food and toys are common triggers for fights. In fact, dogs are like babies who want things that they don’t have such as chew toys, squeaky toys, or food. That’s why dogs usually quarrel with each other and move to the fight if they can’t share the agreement. If you see some signals of the possessive behavior of your dog, you should never feed two dogs next to each other. It comes as the canine instinct that the dog tends to approach the other’s food bowl right after he finishes his own one while the other dog also tries to protect his food.

How to keep dogs in the same house from fighting
Dogs are fighting for the ball. Source: rover

To limit this sensitive situation, you should feed the dogs on the opposite sides of each other or feed them in different areas. In case of not having enough space, it’s better to take the bowls immediately after each dog finishes the meal.

Dogs fight because of the hierarchy

It is true that the dogs with the same sex always have a higher risk of fighting than the other cases. It is the canine instinct to fight for proving the alpha position. That’s why the dog owners usually have the dogs spayed or neutered in order to limit the hormone-driven aggression. The best treatment for them is to let each dog has its own bed, crate, toys, and bowls. Don’t let them play with the toys together without your supervision.

How to keep dogs in the same house from fighting
Two dogs are fighting in the garden. Source: caninecompanionla

How To Stop Dogs Fighting In The House

The most critical thing you have to stick in your mind is not to stop the dog fighting with the bare hands if you don’t want to put yourself at risk for being bitten. When the dogs are fighting, their minds are driven by the wild instincts. They may lose the control and turn to bite you as the common reaction.

How to keep dogs in the same house from fighting
The dogs are fighting on the lawn. Source: farm4.staticflickr

The right thing you should do in this case is to startle them by a loud noise such as slamming a door or using a whistle. Then, you use a broom or a stick to separate the dogs. If it doesn’t work, spray the water on the dogs to cool them down. Once they stop fighting, quickly split them into the different areas where they can’t reach each other.

What To Do After A Dog Fight

Once the fight is over, you have to try your best to be calm by taking a deep breath. Then, you need to examine the dogs to know if they are injured. Don’t forget to check inside the dog’s mouth, legs, chest, belly, and groin. If the dog is very furry, look carefully through its hair to make sure there is no sign of pain. If you find a wound, clean it by a towel to stop bleeding. It’s compulsory to call the vet if it is a serious wound. Because the dog fights can make a wound that is very dangerous if your dog doesn’t get the antibiotics to prevent infection. Keep these dogs separated at least 36 hours until they are calm down.

How To Discipline A Dog After Fighting

How to keep dogs in the same house from fighting
An aggressive dog is barking loudly. Source: dss.fosterwebmarketing

This is an important step to do if you don’t want that terrible battle happens again. No matter which dog started the fight first, you have to discipline both. They need to be trained to acknowledge a “bad dog corner” where they have to go after doing unacceptable behaviors. By this way, your dogs will learn what behavior is wrong and not repeat it. If you figure out the reason why your dogs fought each other, try to make them understand that fight is useless. For instance, if the trigger is a toy, let the dog witness you put it away. This action will help the dogs see you as the “top dog” and follow you. If your dog attacking another dog in the house, carry out the same discipline process.

This post is the useful guideline that teaches you how to keep dogs in the same house from fighting. In order to prevent the dogs from fighting each other, you should promote the balance at home and never reward any threatening behaviors. No matter how aggressive your dogs are, this instruction will surely save you from the violent canine battles.


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