Your Cat Won’t Stop Fighting If You Don’t Know These Tips

Your Cat Won’t Stop Fighting If You Don’t Know These Tips
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One of the most worried things when owning a cat is how to prevent cat fights and how to stop cats fighting with a neighbor cat. The cat fights are the natural behavior of cats so it’s hard to take this characteristic out of the cat. However, you can avoid it when having enough knowledge and fully understanding your own cat. Therefore, this article will let you know the reasons why the cats fighting, how to keep other cats away from your cat and tips to stop cats fighting in a safe way.

Why Do The Cats Fight Outside?

There are a lot of reasons cause the cats fight, the most common causes are listed below:

Cats Fight Because of Hormones: The male cats are usually more aggressive than the female one and they tend to involve in a lot of fights when they reach social maturity between two and four years old.

Cats Fight Because of Hormones
Cats Fight Because of Hormones. Source:

Cats Fight when territorial conflicts occur: every cat has its own territory, if not the cat will establish territory itself. When a new cat violates the territorial of another cat, that cat needs to defend theirs and this case often results in a cat fight. Moreover, the “new cat smell” can also cause cat fights. It’s difficult for a cat to get used to the new cat in their area for the first time. That’s why they treat the new one as the enemy, not the friend and the fight may happen if one of them has a conflict with one another.

Cats Fight when territorial conflicts occur
Cats Fight when territorial conflicts occur. Source: Pinterest

Jealousy Makes Cats Fight: the same as the human, jealousy is a part of the characteristic. If a cat feels unfair or hates the other cat, they will fight for sure. If you stay late at night and your bedroom has the window open, you may hear the terrible sound of cats fighting. At night, there are a lot of roaming cats which are very wild and aggressive, that’s why people usually see or hear the cat fighting outside at night.

Jealousy Makes Cats Fight
Jealousy Makes Cats Fight. Source:

How To Stop Cats Fighting Over Territory

If your cat involves in a fight, you should not get in between them without any preparation. This is the very important thing you have to remember to stop cats fighting with neighbor cats. You will absolutely suffer a bite or scratch wound that requires medical care.

Never get in between two cat fighting with the bare hands
Never get in between two cat fighting with the bare hands. Source:

Therefore, you should wear gardening gloves to protect your hands and wrists. Once you are ready to break up the fight, you have to make a big noise to startle the cats by yelling at them or using the stuff to make it. Next, you should spray the cats with water or throw a blanket over them. When they stop fighting for a while, you should quickly take your cat to inside for calming down the cat and cure the injuries if have.

Spray the cats with water to stop them from fighting
Spray the cats with water to stop them from fighting. Source: twitter

Moreover, you can think of spay or neuter your cat to reduce the hormones and protect their health as well. This is also the good way to stop cats fighting with neighbor cats.

Spay or neuter the cat to protect them
Spay or neuter the cat to protect them. Source:

In case, you get bitten or scratched by a cat, quickly wash the injury with a lot of clean water and keep washing at least 3 minutes to make sure that the bacteria on the cat’s nails or teeth is washed off. You should be careful with even a minor cat bite, it can turn into a medical crisis if the bacteria goes deep into your flesh and body. Talk to the doctor right away if you find any strange things happen to your body.

How To Keep Other Cats Away From My Cat

Now you know the reason why your cats fighting all of a sudden and how to stop it. However, prevention is better than cure. Here are some tips to keep the other cats away from yours.

A cat-proof fence: Cat always has its own territorial and tends to defend if someone violates its area. You should have a cat-proof fence to protect your cat’s territorial or you can make it yourself by placing a prickly ground covering by rose bushes, holly, or pine cones. You can also buy coyote or mountain lion urine and mark your yard with it to deter the neighbor or roaming cats.

A cat-proof fence can deter other cats go to your yard
A cat-proof fence can deter other cats go to your yard. Source: Pinterest

Eliminate the food source: most of the time the neighbor cats come to your house to search for prey. To avoid these unwelcoming guess, you should get rid of any brush piles that could attract vermin – a favorite cat’s prey for hunting. Besides, you can place orange peels around the yard or near the windows and doors to repeal the mosquitos and bugs.

Eliminate the food source which attracts the bugs
Eliminate the food source which attracts the bugs. Source:

Clean the smell of the strange cat: In case the neighbor or roaming cat has marked its territorial in your yard which is threatening your own cat, you should clean off any urine smells around the house. It’s very important because this smell can encourage the cat to return and cause a lot of cat fights then.

Keep your cat inside: If your cat feels happy inside the house, keep it there. This is the best way to prevent your cat from being bullied by another cat or stop your cat from attacking the neighbor cat. In the ideal case you know the owner of the cat that makes yours in trouble, it’s also a good idea to discuss with your neighborhood the problem. It’s possible to ask about their cat’s habit and work out the way that will stop these cats from fighting each other.

Keep your cat inside for safety
Keep your cat inside for safety. Source:

The cats are very complicated to force or train them to do what you want. However, this characteristic is also the reason why you want to protect and love them more.

A lovely and happy kitten is playing
A lovely and happy kitten is playing. Source:

Therefore, if your cat has trouble with other cats and the cat fighting causes a lot of health problem, you can follow and consider these solutions mentioned in this article. Hope this information is useful for the cat owners and cat lovers, anyway to protect and keep your cats safe, no method is foolproof because all the things you do, you do it for your beloved cats.


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