How To Toilet Train A Puppy On The Proper Method

How To Toilet Train A Puppy On The Proper Method
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How to toilet train a puppy is the problem that a lot of puppy owners are worried about. It’s obvious that no one wants to put up with the terrible smell of poo and urine even though the puppies are cute overloaded. That’s why training your puppy how to go to the toilet on the proper method is the best way to save you from this nightmare. However, it may be hard to do it smoothly without the detailed guideline. This post will show you how to toilet train a puppy in step by step.

When To Start The Puppy Toilet Training

Most of the puppy owners are worried about the proper time to give puppies the toilet training. If it’s too early, the puppies may not understand but it’s may be hard to train the puppies if they have their own toileting habits already. So, what age should a puppy be toilet trained?

how to toilet train a puppy
The winned puppies. Source: 2.bp.blogspot

In fact, it’s possible to train your puppies when they are beyond 8 weeks old. This age is the period of time that the puppies are weaned but not ready to socialize with the other pets. It’s the best time to do the very first training for them to help them get used to with the routine of going to the toilet in the spotted place but not prevent the puppies from their natural growth.

How To Begin The Puppy Toilet Training

If your puppy is strong enough to go outside, you should select only one spot in the yard for toileting. If you want to train the puppy to use the indoor toilet, set up a toilet area that is near the door that you plan to take them outside for toileting in the upcoming time. The perfect toileting area must have the reasonable distance which is far enough from the puppy’s bedding and eating areas. However, the toileting area must be within the puppy’s sight to see it right away whenever it needs.

how to toilet train a puppy
The indoor toileting area for dog. Source: dogsaholic

In the toileting area, it’s better to place the puppy pad or newspapers on the ground. Use the cue words to train your puppy to go to the toileting area and do things right there. You can use the cue “wee wee” or whistle when the puppy starts toileting. To help your puppy gets used to with the toileting routine, you have to be patient and repeat the training over and over again every 1 or 2 hours in the first week. Do not forget to praise, pat and reward the puppy when it does well. By this way, you will make your pup happy and encourage them to follow the training in the future.

how to toilet train a puppy
Dog is toileting in the right area. Source: barkpotty

One of the tips for you is to avoid punishment. Punishing the puppy because of the accidental toileting won’t teach him anything but give him the fears. In case the puppy makes a lot of mistakes, the best way is to practice more. Once your puppy grows up, you will find that it can have the instinct to “hold on” longer than before. So you can reduce the frequency of the toilet timing.

Learn To Read Signals When The Puppy Needs To Toilet

You need to get to know your puppy’s behaviors whenever it wants to go to the toilet. Some puppies may give the owners the special signals but you can be proactive to know it by observing these common ones below:
– Whining/digging at the door
– Circling and sniffing the ground
– Squatting
– ‘Sneaking’ behind or under furniture, curtains, etc.

how to toilet train a puppy
The dog is whining at door. Source: trihes

These are the typical signals that you should learn to know when your puppy needs to toilet. Your observation will help both of you a lot in improving the puppy’s toileting habit. In case you let your puppy roams at home, you should keep your eyes on it to take action right away if needed.

When To Take The Puppy To Go To The Toilet

It’s better to build the toileting habit for your puppy by setting the specific time of the day. Here is the recommending timing:
– First thing after getting up in the morning
– After the puppy has a meal
– After the play time or exercise time
– Last thing before sleep at night
– Any time that the puppy ask to go out

how to toilet train a puppy
The adorable puppy is sleeping. Source: Pinterest

To do the puppy toilet training at night, you should take the puppy to the toilet before going to bed. Then, don’t forget to remove the food and drink out of the bedding area. The young pup may need to be taken to the toilet 3-4 times at night. Therefore, you need to be patient and try to help them do it right in the first couple of weeks. Once your pup knows how to do it in the right way, you will understand how worth it is.

This article covers the essential guidelines on how to train the toilet puppy. Try your best to build the proper toileting habit for your puppy as soon as possible.


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