How To Trim Your Cat’s Nails With The Easiest Steps

How To Trim Your Cat’s Nails With The Easiest Steps
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If you are a cat owner, you will know that the routine of nail trimming is very important to keep your cat healthy. In fact, most of the cats hate this and try to respond with the scratching behaviors that make the cat owners be so worried. Although trimming the cat’s nail sounds very daunting, you can turn it into an easy task by learning how to trim your cat’s nails in the proper way.

Why The Cat’s Nails Need To Be Trimmed

It is obvious that the uncared cat’s nails will curl under and grow into the paw pads causing the swelling and infection. In the worst case, you have to take your cat to the vet. Moreover, trimming the cat’s nail regularly will limit the damage to your properties. It also avoids the unexpected scratches for people when petting your cat. The ideal time for trimming the cat’s nails is about every three to six weeks.

How To Choose The Cat Nail Trimmers

If you have a kitten, it’s okay to use the human nail clipper for trimming its nails. However, a cat nail trimmers is more suitable for the adult cats because it can handle with the firm and sharp nails. There are some types of cat nail trimmers for you to choose from the pet store, go there and pick the one that you feel comfortable when using. You can learn how to cut cat nails with human clippers the same as doing by cat nail trimmers. If you want to know the experience of trimming the cat’s nail, you can practice using the trimmers on the dry spaghetti. Then, you’ll estimate the proper power you should use for not hurting or starling your cat.

How to Trim Your Cat's Nails
Use the human nail clipper for trimming the kitten’s nail. Source: i.ytimg

Help The Cat Get Ready To Trim The Nails

Before trimming the cat’s nails, you have to train them to be comfortable with handling. It may take time but it’s very important when you don’t want to give any stresses to your cat or get any bites and scratches. If you train them well, the upcoming trimming time will be so easy. If not, it may turn into an endless battle. Follow the useful steps below to help your cat get ready for the nail trimming.

– Step 1: Pet the cat’s paws. It’s ideal to gently pet its paws while petting its favorite spot such as under the chin, back of the neck, etc. Pet all paws you want to trim.
– Step 2: Hold the cat’s paws. Once the cat let you touch its paw without pulling away, hold each paw on your open hand for a while. Give the cat treat and share affection when it has nice behaviors.
– Step 3: Massage and squeeze the cat’s paws. Gently massage the cat’s paw with your fingers and slowly squeeze its paw to push the claws out without hurting the cat.

How to Trim Your Cat's Nails
Pet the cat’s paw by the fingers. Source: frontpagemeews

The best time to start petting the cat’s paws is after a meal because most cats feel relaxing when they are full. In case of being pulled away by the cat, you shouldn’t force it to go on. Let them free and try again next time. It’s surely harder when trimming cat claws aggressive cat, but if you are patient and do it carefully, it still works.

How To Trim The Cat’s Nails

The best way to trim cat claws is looking closely at its nails. Once the cat’s claws are showed, you’ll see the quick and the nail. Quick is the pink area inside the nail containing the blood vessels and nerves, you mustn’t cut into the quick because it’s very painful for your cat. Never cut the cat’s nail too close to the toe, you only need to trim the sharp points. Please look at this picture below for visual cutting point.

How to Trim Your Cat's Nails
Trim only the nail, not cut into the quick. Source: bengalcatcare

If you don’t have anyone support you, you may wonder how to trim cat claws alone. The whole process is the same as the above steps. However, you have to teach your cat comfortable with the nail trimming position. It means the cat has to sit on your lap and face away from you while you hold its paw in one hand and the other hand for the trimmers.

How to Trim Your Cat's Nails
The typical nail trimming position for cat when you do it alone. Source: thesprucepets

Although most cats aren’t into being trimmed the nails, you can make your cat feel comfortable with it by these tips. As long as you know how to trim your cat’s nails in the proper way, everything will be a piece of cake.


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