The Amazing Journey Of The Pug’s Sign To Say Apologize

The Amazing Journey Of The Pug’s Sign To Say Apologize
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This is an inspired Pug story about a Pug named Charleston Chew and his great owner who wrote the sweet note to neighbors apologizing for the unexpected noise of the Pug. Although there are so many adorable stories between the dog and the owners, this story will touch your heart because you may see yourself in it or you will admire the invisible bond that a dog can connect people in this modern life.

Being a senior dog, Charleston Chew just moved to live in a new apartment building with his mom, Ms. Wilson in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Although he hasn’t visited all the new neighbors, everyone all knows about this sweet senior Pug.

Inspired Pug story
The Pug – Charleston Chew and his owner – Ms. Wilson. Source: thedodo

As same as the other senior dogs, Charleston has to face with so many health problems of aging at the age of 11 years old. Because of the eyes problem, Charleston is hard to see things clearly, sometimes he gets lost and wants to find his mom so he starts howling. He delivers his distinct Pug howl really, really loudly. Ms. Wilson expressed that it was the most horrific sound you had ever heard which was so loud and weird. In the other words, his howl is something crazy and annoying. However, Wilson loves him so it’s not the big deal for her because she has been living with her Pug from the day he was a pup. They are family and nobody is annoyed because of the voice of the family member.

The reason why Charleston howls is for getting his mom attention. Whenever he howls, his mom has to physically touch him to make him calm and happy. He is just scared and wants to know where his mom is. However, Ms. Wilson is afraid that his howl will bother the neighbors because sometimes Charleston howls in the early morning when he gets lost on his way back to bed after visiting his water bowl. Although no one has a complaint yet, Wilson is still worried because this is the quite building. Therefore, she decided to make a note about this one so everyone will understand why the horrible sounds come out.

Inspired Pug story
The content of the apolozie note. Source: thedodo

Ms. Megan Jones is one of the very first people in the building who see the post. She said that the moment she saw the Charleston’s sign at the bottom of the paper, all the inconvenient feeling had gone away. After that, she took a photo and tweets her approval online. Then, her tweet went viral because thousands of people were inspired.

Inspired Pug story
The post of Charleston’s letter goes viral on the Internet. Source: thedodo

It’s amazing that tens of thousands of people online shared the Charleston’s sign. Wilson hasn’t ever imagined that the journey of Charleston’s sign can go further by this way but she is so happy. She shares that Charleston loves everyone, he gets on well with the other animals and kids, so he must be so happy when he knows that everyone out there is his new friends. Wilson would love to meet all her new neighbors and let them know where the weird sounds come from so they can accept Charleston for the way he is. He’s just a senior Pug and all he needs is love and care. Finally, Wilson can figure out the way to help Charleston howl less by let him watch the daytime soap operas. Even a Pug also has his own favorite TV program, right?

Inspired Pug story
Charleston is playing with his owner. Source: thedodo

Even though this is just a small story and Charleston is a senior Pug among so many pets in the world, this story goes viral successfully because it inspires a lot of people with the humankind. Sometimes, we are too busy with our own lives and don’t have enough time to care about anyone except ourselves. It’s good to know that someone needs you. Because we are connecting by the invisible chain of life, we need to stay together to share and to be shared, to love and to be loved. It’s the key to open the happiness door of life. And we learn these little things from the senior Pug that howls whenever he’s sacred and needs someone.


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