The Most 5 Common Dachshund Health Problems That Every Dachshund Owner Need To Know

The Most 5 Common Dachshund Health Problems That Every Dachshund Owner Need To Know
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Dachshund is one of the most popular family dog breeds because of its cute appearance and personalities. However, to take care of your Dachshunds better you should know more about their healthcare requirements. This article covers the most common Dachshund health problems that you need to consider and figure out the best way to deal with them.

Dachshunds have a very unique skeletal structure that has the long body and short legs. Although these features make them different, it can lead to a lot of health problems the Dachshunds have to suffer from.

most common dachshund health problems
Dachshund is strolling with the owner. Source: mepuppy

1. Intervertebral Disk Disease

Intervertebral Disk Disease is in the top list of the Dachshund health problems. Because of the long back, it is prone to the injured spine when Dachshunds join the strong activities, especially jumping off the furniture or going up and down the stairs. Dachshund health problems symptoms of Intervertebral Disk Disease could be limp, lameness or reluctant to play. The Dachshunds may also yelp when you pat them. If you see these symptoms from your dog, it needs to be sent to the vet immediately.

most common dachshund health problems
Dachshund visits the vet. Source:

To prevent Dachshund from this disease, you should follow these tips to keep it away from your dogs.
– You need to pay more attention to the daily meals of your dogs. In other words, you should maintain the balanced diet to keep the dog a good weight. If not, your dog can be overweight and the weight will put more pressure on the spine which leads to Intervertebral Disk Disease.
– You shouldn’t encourage Dachshund to jump off the furniture though they love to do it. Try to train them not to do that dangerous action because they may injure themselves someday.
– You need to support your dog when holding them in your hands. Make sure that the dog’s spine to be horizontal.

2. Patella Luxation

Patella Luxation is a kind of disease related to the knee. It occurs when your dog’s kneecap pops out from its groove and this disease often happens to the short legs animal like Dachshund.

most common dachshund health problems
The typical Dachshund with long back and short legs. Source:

The symptoms of Patella Luxation are the situations that your dogs are limp, lameness or your dog tend to put the pressure on a leg. To prevent Dachshund from Patella Luxation you should maintain the balanced diet and add the high quality supplements to the meals. You also need to offer your dog the significant exercise to improve the physical health.

3. Obesity

It’s very important to keep your eyes on the Dachshunds diet because this short-legged dog breed is very easy to be obesity. Once they are overweight, it will lead to a series of health problems related to the heart, lungs, and back.

most common dachshund health problems
The obesity Dachshund. Source: goodhousekeeping

Moreover, the overweight Dachshunds also face the slow motion that makes them have a boring and lazy life. Then the obesity even gets worse by this way. If you don’t want to have a zombie and fatty Dachshund, please pay more attention to its diet. Don’t forget to spend the time to do the exercise with your Doxie. Playing and running around about 30 minutes each day can make a miracle to the Doxie’s health.

4. Eyes problems

Dachshunds can suffer from eye problems which called Cataracts, Glaucoma and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). These eyes problems are hereditary and can lead to the blindness at the end. Therefore it’s hard to do the prevention but you can strengthen the dog’s eyes by providing the nutritional supplementations. Eyes problems are also the serious senior dachshund health problems so you should prepare for your dog as soon as possible.

most common dachshund health problems
The vet is checking the eyes for Dachshund. Source: cesarsway

5. Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is the situation when the thigh bone doesn’t fit into the socket which leads to the leg lameness. There are some symptoms of this disease that you may see from the dog such as hind leg lameness, hard to get up, unsteady walk.

most common dachshund health problems
The Dachshund is sitting inside the house. Source: asuntospublicos

To protect your beloved Dachshund from hip dysplasia, you shouldn’t feed your dog a high calorie diet which can lead them to be overweight. Besides, you need to train your dogs to stop jumping down from the height because they will land on the ground by the hind legs.

most common dachshund health problems
The happy face of Dachshund. Source: buzzsharer

As you see, most of the common Dachshund health problems cause by the overweight and jumping habits. Therefore, you should take care of their diet and train them the good habit from the early ages. It will help your Doxie live healthily and prevent a lot of problems related to older Dachshunds health in the future. It’s not easy to prevent your Doxie from these disease in 100% but you can minimize the health problems if you follow these good advice.


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