The Most Common Pug Health Problems That You Must Know

The Most Common Pug Health Problems That You Must Know
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The Pug is considered a very good family dog which can get on with both children and adult. If you own a Pug or have a plan to have one, you should know about the most common Pug health problems that may affect this dog breed. The Pug is a small brachycephalic breed which is also known as the short muzzled dog. This kind of dog has to suffer from some health problems related to skin, breathing, eyes and some inherited health issues. Read on this article to find the detailed information about these Pug diseases and Pug health problems symptoms.

The Pug Skin Problems

The Pug has some skin disorders which are caused by the hormonal imbalance, poor immune system, trauma or parasites. One of the most common skin problems is Pyoderma, which is in the result of a bacterial infection. The symptoms show obviously through the blood-filled blisters, small red bumps or pus-filled pimples. This skin disease usually attacks to the facial fold lips and the skin area between the toes of Pug. It can be prevented by keeping these parts of skin clean and dry regularly.

most common pug health problems
The lovely Pug with so many facial wrinkels. Source:

Besides Pyoderma , there are two other Pug skin problems. One is Atopy, another is Ringworm. To make it clear, Atopy is the skin condition that the Pug becomes hypersensitive to the specific allergens. It comes with the itching and scratching skin. Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin which usually happens when the Pug has the compromised immune systems. These skin problems can be prevented and cured by the right approach and proper medication suggested by the vet.

The Pug Breathing Problems

The most typical feature of Pug is the short-muzzled face which brings this breed both the cuteness and breathing problems. Because of this face, Pug has a stubbed and short snout that leads to the result of Stenotic Nares. This is a birth defect that is associated with nasal soft tissues. The tissues are easy to collapses when the Pug breathes causing the breathing problems.

most common pug health problems
The Pug is checked the health by some medical machine. Source:

Because of this breathing problem, it’s better not to offer the Pug too much exercise, especially running. If the weather is scorching, you should take them inside the house because the Pug is not good at regulating its body temperature through evaporation from the tongue.

The Pug Stomach Problems

The mainly Pug stomach problems is flatulence which caused by the fast eating habit and the sensitive stomach. This problem doesn’t only produce the bad odors but it also causes some health issues related to cramps and discomfort that can change the Pug temperament in the negative way.

most common pug health problems
The Pug may suffer from the stomach problem and gas issue. Source: static1.squarespace

Tips Of Keeping Your Pug Healthy

Although Pug has to suffer from many health issues, you can help them stay healthy by following the proper method caring below.

– Keep your Pug at the healthy weight. This breed is prone to being overweight which will put a lot of pressure on its body and legs. In case the Pug is obesity, it will affect to the health and make the health issues worse. Therefore, you should offer your Pug five minutes of relaxing walk daily.
– Give your Pug a healthy diet. Food is the main problem of so many diseases. That’s why the best way to keep your Pug healthy is to offer it the balanced diet. If so, you can reduce the stomach problems and allergic reactions as well.
– Spend time for daily check and care. It’s a good advice to spend 5 minutes a day to check the full body of your Pug. It needs to be checked the eyes, ears, mouth and paws. You should go over the coat, provide the dental care and clean the wrinkles every day. Do not forget to do the proper grooming for your Pug because it can prevent so many potential skin problems.

most common pug health problems
The happy pug is palying in the yard. Source: furryark

Every dog breed has its own health problems, so does the Pug. This article includes the most common Pug health problems and the detailed Pug sick symptoms for you to broaden your horizon. Please notice that these things are still correct with the older Pug and health problems symptoms. People say prevention is better than cure, so it’s great that you can have enough information and prepare the proper plan for the best healthcare.


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