The Best Pet Insurance Reviews Every Pet Owners Must Know

The Best Pet Insurance Reviews Every Pet Owners Must Know
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Everyone knows the huge benefits of having a pet insurance for their beloved furry companion. However, there are a plenty of pet insurance brands that put you in a hard situation to find the best one for your pet. In order to save you from the consideration, this post will broaden your knowledge by giving you the accurate and useful information about pet insurance reviews. You can find all the answers to your queries about pet insurances if you read this piece of words from A to Z.

How Many Types Of Pet Insurance?

In general, there are 3 types of pet insurance coverage including accidents, illness, and wellness. Let’s take a deep look at each one.

1. Accident coverage

This is the most common type of the pet insurance including the torn ligament, broken bones, bite wounds and more. Although you take a good care of your pet, it’s impossible to plan or estimate for accidents. Therefore, most pet owners sign up for the accident coverage without any hesitation.

2. Illness coverage

For this kind of insurance, the earlier you sign it up for the pet, the cheaper it costs. Illness coverage usually covers some diseases such as cancer, arthritis, UTIs, allergies, and so on. Some people may think this insurance wastes their money, but it will actually save them much money for the cases that they couldn’t ever imagine.

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The pet insurances help you save much money. Source: healthypawspetinsurance

3. Wellness coverage

This is an optional choice based on your preferences. It’s totally up to you if you want to spend a little every month for this coverage or pay out of pocket all at once. A wellness coverage normally includes annual check, spay/neuter, routine blood panels, heartworm testing, fecal testing, urinalyses, routine vaccinations (rabies, DHLP, Bordetella, parvo, Lyme, giardia), teeth cleanings and flea, tick, and heartworm treatments.

Why Do You Need A Pet Insurance?

pet insurance reviews
A dog has a broken front leg in the pet hospital. Source: dogids

Although a pet insurance is optional, it’s always better to buy one for your four-legged friends. You’ll never have to decide between your wallet and your pet. It’s hard to put these two things on the scale to see which one is more important. Because whatever you choose at that time also breaks your heart. Moreover, nobody knows what will happen in the future and the accidents may come as an inevitability. It can cost thousands of dollars for a pet accident or illness while you can have a reimbursement which is up to 90% with a good emergency pet insurance. Moreover, pet insurances can be tailored to fit your budget and needs. Especially, if you sign up for your pet at its young age, you will have many options to pick out.

Top 3 Best Pet Insurance In 2018 That Every Pet Owners Must Know

These are the nationwide pet insurances that have the best quality in the pet owner’s eyes. Their places come in this order: Healthy Paws, Best Pets, PetPlan. Let’s see the reason why each brand can get these places of honor.

Pet owners give a lot of compliments for Healthy Paws about its wonderful offers. This one gives pet owners many plan options with no caps. You will be impressed about four annual deductible levels ($100, $250, $500 or $750), three percentage options for actual vet bill payouts (70%, 80% or 90%) and there is no cap (per-incident, lifetime, or otherwise) on any of their claims. Besides, if you meet your annual deductible, all policy covered incidents will be paid during that year. In addition, Healthy Paws also win the customer’s heart with its great customer service and its price is also lower than the other insurance brand with the same coverage.

Pets Best comes in the second place with the advantages such as the low pricing, 24/7 pet helpline which allows you to talk with the vet any time you need. Besides, Pets Best offers an “Accident Only Plan” which has a 10,000 USD annual limit with a $250 deductible and 90% reimbursement. Moreover, it has the customized plans based on your needs and budgets.

pet insurance reviews
A happy dog and his happy family. Source:

The third one belongs to Petplan. This insurance brand can create a plan that is the best for the customer’s needs and budget. These customized plans come with the maximum annual coverage amount ($2,500 to unlimited coverage), annual deductible ($250 to $1,000) and reimbursement rate (70%, 80% or 90%). Besides, it has good customer service and clear policy. One of the unique selling points of Petplan is discounts for good health of the dogs. It means Petplan will offer you a discount if you don’t claim the insurance for a period of time.

This is all about the pet insurance reviews which compare pet insurances in detailed. Now, you know a lot about pet insurance so it’s time for you to buy the best pet insurance for your sweet companion.


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