The Pug Facts And Information You May Be Surprised To Know

The Pug Facts And Information You May Be Surprised To Know
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Every dog breed has its own typical and special features that make it different from the others. Therefore, it is always interesting to learn more about the dog breed you love. This post is all about the Pug facts and information that will give you the big picture of this adorable dog breed. If you care about Pug, this content will be very helpful for you to broaden your knowledge about the Pug facts, Pug health problems, Pug temperaments and the other interesting things that you properly don’t know.

An Overview About Pug Facts And Information

Have you ever known that Pugs has the Asian origin? Although Pug is so popular in Europe, it was originally bred in China as the lapdog. Then, it was transported to Holland via trading ships of the Dutch East India Company.

Pug facts and information
The lovely Pug is laying down on the street. Source:

One of the most interesting things that make the Pug so popular is its appearance. Actually, Pug has so many distinctive features that help people easy to recognize him among thousands of dog breeds. The Pug is brachycephalic which comes with the broad head and short snout. Moreover, this dog breed is well-known for the facial wrinkles that make it outstanding. No one can forget his distinctive feature after meeting him.

The Pug Health Facts You Should Know

As you know, Pug is the short-muzzled dog which has to suffer a lot from the breathing problems. Because of the short face, Pug has a stubbed and short snout that leads to the result of Stenotic Nares. This is a birth defect that is associated with nasal soft tissues. The tissues are easy to collapses when the Pug breathes causing the breathing problems. So you need to take care of this health problem when having a Pug at home. It’s better to ask for the good advice from the vet and shouldn’t force the Pug to do too many exercises, especially running.

Pug facts and information
Poor Pug, he’s sick. Source:

Moreover, you also need to keep an eye on the Pug to prevent him from the other health problems related to skin, eyes and some inherited health issues.

The Useful Facts About Pugs Behavior

Every dog has the pros and cons in his behavior, so does the Pugs. If you are the Pug lovers or the Pug owners, you will definitely understand it. If not, these are the useful information for you to update before having a Pug.

It’s no doubt to know many people love Pugs because they have a lot of good behavior. Pugs can get along well with the other animals and you will rarely see them involve in any fight. Because of their friendly-nature, Pugs are easy to be vulnerable or bullied by the other aggressive dogs. Pugs also get on well with the children of all ages, they know how to play with kids in the proper ways. That’s why Pugs are the amazing family dog and the wonderful canine companion for everyone. Pugs love to be with someone and always seek the attention. If you are fond of having a furry cutie friend who always stays by your sides, you must have a Pug and then you will want to have more.

Pug facts and information
The funny but so adorable face of Pug. Source:

However, Pugs also have a bad behavior. They have the natural stubborn personality and will only do what they want to do. Therefore, you need to have the proper training to change their mind.

The Interesting Truth About Pugs

Have you ever heard about the story of the brave Pug that saves his owner’s life? And it even becomes more interesting when you know his owner is the Prince. In 1572, a Pug named Pompey saved Prince William – the Prince of Orange, from being assassinated. While the prince was sleeping, Pompey heard the strange sounds from the assassin so he started barking and scratching to warn his owner. He even jumped on the Prince William’s face to alert the prince the danger. Because of this case, Pug was considered the official dog of the royal House of Orange.

Pug facts and information
The Sculpture of Prince William and Pompey. Source: urdogs

Nobody can deny that Pugs are excellent pets that can be the reliable companions you can share so many beautiful moments in life with. These Pug facts and information will help you know more about your little cute furry friends. Life is great and Pug makes it better.


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