Interesting Tricks To Teach Your Dog In Detailed

Interesting Tricks To Teach Your Dog In Detailed
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Every dog owner loves teaching their dogs the new things. If you don’t know how to start the training, this post will give you some tricks to teach your dog in detailed. If your dog hasn’t gotten any kind of training, you should look at some basic useful tricks to teach your dog as below. These are very simple and easy dog tricks for beginners to learn and follow. Once your dog can do the basic command, you will absolutely want to teach him more. It’s time to think of the funny dog tricks which are interesting and possible for any dog to learn it.

Shake Hands

Tricks to Teach Your Dog
How to teach your dog to shake hand. Source: cdn2-www.dogtime

This is so cute trick that you will definitely want to teach your dog right away and show it in front of the admiring eyes of your friends.
– Hold some treats on your hand in the form of a fist and give it to the dog when his paw touches you. Actually, it will come naturally that the dog will paw at you when he wants something. So repeat giving him the treats several times until he gets used to with this action.
– Switch to do it by the empty hand. When his paw touches your hand, give him the treat from your bag.
– Once he gets used to with touching your hand, you hold his paw a little longer before giving him the treats.
– Use the cue “Shake” right before giving your hand, hold his paw when he touches you and reward him.


Tricks to Teach Your Dog
How to teach your dog to kiss. Source: pupunite

Everyone wants to have a lovely kiss from the beloved dog. Why don’t you try to train them this adorable trick?
– Use something sticky such as tape or post-it. Put the post-it in your hand and show it near the nose of the dog. When the dog touches his nose to the post-it or sniffs it, give him the treat. Repeat this action several times.
– Stick the post-it on your cheek and show it near the dog. When the dog touches or sniffs the post-it, it’s like he kisses you. Do not forget to give him the treat when he does it right.
– Once your dog knows how to it, remove the post-it. Use the cue “Kiss” right before showing your cheek near him. Give him the reward when he kisses you.

Sit Pretty

This is the good trick to make your dog sit nicely to take the picture. This is also the trick that your dog needs to know before learning the other interesting tricks such as hug, high-five, catch and throw the ball back, etc.

Tricks to Teach Your Dog
The dogs are sitting pretty. Source: Pinterest

– Lure the dog into the position. Lift the treat over the dog’s nose and say “Yes” when the dog eats the treat while lifting their front legs. Once your dog can stand about 5 seconds on his hind legs, move on to the next step.
Note: Some dogs don’t have the strong muscle in the hind legs so you have to practice the first step for a week or even a month in order to help the dog sit pretty in 5 seconds. In case, your dog can’t do the first step well, you should support him by standing right behind the dog as long as the dog’s body is in the middle of your legs. Then, you put one hand to hold the chest of the dog when he lifts his front legs to eat the treat. By this way, you can stop him from falling over or having the fear. You can also support your dog by letting him put his front legs on your hand while standing on the hind legs to eat the treat.

– Remove the lure. Lift the empty hand over the dog’s nose, let him stand in his hind legs for a couple seconds and then feed the treat by the other hand.
Note: Once your dog realizes that you lift the empty hand over him, change to lift the treat over for couple times and then change again to lift the empty hand.

– Lift the treat to the normal position and move it higher above when the dog touches the treat at the normal position.

Tricks to Teach Your Dog
Move the treat higher above when the dog touches it. Source: everydoghasitsdayblogdotcom

– Add a cue “Sit pretty” before luring him into the position. You can use both the verbal cue and hand signal to make it more effective. Say verbal cue first and then lift your hand a little bit with the palm up.

This dog tricks list includes the detailed information of some tricks to teach your dog. Before starting any advanced dog tricks or unique tricks to teach your dog, your dog should go through these ones. Training your dog the tricks is the best way to make an interesting and entertaining playing time. It’s a time well spent to improve the communication and enhance the relationship between you and your dog. Let’s make a plan for the proper tricks to teach your dog and have fun together.


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